We would like to acknowledge the Witsuwit’en territory where we live on and the Indigenous People who have lived here since the beginning of time.


Smithers Multicultural Festival 2021

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Our mission   

                    is to celebrate and promote the diversity of Smithers and surrounding communities through multicultural arts, music, dance and sports activities.

Our purpose                    

  is to promote harmony and mutual respect and recognize that we are all different but equal;

to celebrate the heritage of our community and its neighbours showing that there are no boundaries when it comes to arts, music, dance and sports.

Our values

Recognition   of the abundant diversity of cultures

Respect         of all the differences

Acknowledgement  of the validity of different cultural experiences and contributions

Value  of what other cultures offer

Encouragement of contributions of diverse groups

Empowerment to achieve maximum potential by being critical of your own biases

Celebration to bring about unity through diversity

Dr.Caleb Rosado “Seven Definitions of Multiculturalism”

Our goals                 

  as a Multicultural Society to become a connector, a hub for multicultural groups and their cultural activities in the Bulkley Valley.                 

 to showcase the bright mosaic of our residents’ cultures through sharing traditions and celebrations, through multicultural events.

   to support the growth of multiculturalism 

    to secure a space for cultural programs and activities

   to connect with schools and educate children about multiculturalism

                    We are just at the beginning of our journey! 

                      Become a member of our Society. 

   Your culture is one of the mosaic pieces that make our community what it is!

Our Logo Inspiration:

The fish is an important symbol for many cultures around the globe. You can find it in folklore, mythology, religious symbols, art, literature. It is an important food source for many cultures. Water is life. We all connected through water.